Monday, June 25, 2012

To My Little One

Dear Little Tadpole,

No offense of course- but that's what all of the baby books and websites are comparing you right now! Today is June 25, 2012 and it has been almost 5 days since I found out you took residence and you are 5 weeks and 6 days into your journey!

I decided to start this blog to record significant moments, thoughts, and special memories that I want to share with others, but most importantly, you!
Now, we can rewind to the night of Wednesday June 20, 2012- just any other night- or so your daddy and I thought! We both finished up our Wednesday night class a little early and went home. After some talk, we thought that taking a test to find out if you were there might be a good idea.... obviously, it was! A Big Fat Positive! Kind of ironic how in my class that night we had been talking about baby fever- SURPRISE!

I have to be honest, you are indeed a surprise! However, after seeing that test, there is nothing in the world that I wouldn't to to make sure you are safe in sound in your little nest! I didn't sleep at all that night!

The next day I went out to get some vitamins that will help you grow big and strong and a book to help me figure out everything I need to do to make your stay in Hotel Mommy as cozy and nurturing as possible! After I picked out a book for me, I got one for you too! I bought you a book called; Guess How Much I Love You and I have read it to you every day (even though you still can't hear yet it's my favorite time of the day!).

So here's the 1st Belly Picture :) - can't wait until you make a bump!

Keep on growing little one! According to the books, you are the size of a sweet pea :) My little sweet pea!

Love you! 


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