Thursday, July 5, 2012

7 Weeks :)

Dear Little One :),

We are now at 7 weeks! Only 33 more until we get to hold you in our arms! According to all the sites you are the size of a blueberry! Your little hands and feet that we are going to spend so much time kissing are developing and you almost weigh half an ounce! Crazy to think that in the past week you have tripled in size!

I'm constantly day-dreaming about you. Will you be a girl or boy? I can't tell yet... and my gut keeps telling me something different... (right now I'm thinking girl ;) ) We finally shared our big news with some of my family and everyone is looking forward to your arrival! Daddy's family finds out next- I can't wait until he says we can tell them!

I am still taking time to read you stories and talking to you all the time! Your eyes and ears are also starting to form this week! I can't wait until you can hear the stories I read you, but for now I'm sure you know that that part of the days is yours and yours alone :)

Thanks for not making mommy too sick! I've done a lot of reading on how bad morning sickness could be and we are doing pretty good! Aside from being sleepy all the time, and the occasional belly ache, we are doing pretty good!

Love you!

Keep on growing!


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