Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sugar, and Spice, and Everything Nice :)

That is what little GIRLS are made of :)

Yes that's right, today Daddy and I found out that we are expecting a sweet baby girl! That means bows, dresses, tights, and shoes, pink, purple, and yellow too- and again- bows!!

It was so exciting to watch you wiggling around in a room full of people we love! Your Mommy, Daddy, Mimi (Mommy's Mommy!), your Uncle Ky, and Daddy's Parents all squished into the tiny ultrasound room! Mommy's Daddy wasn't able to make it because he got called out on a business trip- but even he was there with us on the phone (unfortunately we couldn't get the video chat working in time)! It meant so much to Mommy and Daddy to have them here with us! Mommy's family drove all the way up form VA just to see you!

We got to watch your heart beat and all 4 chambers looked great- your blood flow appeared perfect! You waved to us and showed us that you are already sucking your thumb! (I think you are a lefty like Mommy!) You are absolutely perfect from your sweet little head and button nose, to your 10 teeny fingers and 10 tiny toes! Looking at these pictures makes us even more excited to meet you! Everyone in the room was so excited to watch you moving around- you showed us a little bit of everything from kicking your feet to wiggling your tiny bum! The doctor pointed out that you are positioned to where you are standing on my bladder, thanks! :P

After the appointment Daddy and I went shopping to get you some outfits since we finally knew what colors to buy! I am confident that you will be born into a well stocked closet!

It is amazing how much I love you already! I can't wait until you are here and we can look into your pretty eyes! I can only hope that you and I have the same relationship that my Mommy and I have!

Love you Sweet GIRL!


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