Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Getting Antsy!

To My Little One:

Just a quick little note this time:

We had a Dr. appt on Friday and got to listen to your beautiful little heartbeat <3 the last time we heard it it was at 156 bpm- this time it was 153 :) You've slowed down considerably since the ultrasound!

Tomrrow is the big day- if you will so allow- where we will get to find out if you are a BOY or GIRL! I'm so excited to finally know what you are, to start picking out your clothes, and to give you a name!

We are getting a special ultrasound called a Level 2 ultrasound which means that we are going to be getting lots and lots of measurements of your little head, and your BIG brain (hopefully you take after your Mommy :P ), and your precious heart! We can't wait to see all the changes that you have gone through these past few weeks!

Love you!

See you tomorrow!


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