Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Growing and Growing!

Hello Sweet Kate!

You are getting bigger and bigger, and as you can see, so is mommy! Dependent upon which due date we go by we are either at 24 or 25 weeks; a little more than half way there!

The trip to VA went great! Everyone was excited to see how much you are growing! My dad and I even took pictures comparing our "baby bellies" :) . We won the biggest cutest! :)
It was so great to see my family! I miss them a lot when we are up here in PA.

You are beyond spoiled already! I should've taken pictures of all the clothes/ blankets/ and gear you have waiting for you there! You will definitely not be running out of clothes.. ever!

The past few days you have been moving around like CRAZY!! The movements have gone from being in one general area to all over my belly! I can even feel you pushing against my belly at times and I'm pretty sure I feel you sliding your little hands around! I can't wait to see you sweet little girl and put a face to this personality!!

Our next Dr appt is Friday! I can't wait to hear your heart beat and hear about how you are growing!

Love you!


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