Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Growing Pains

Hello Sweet Girl!

Well according to the Dr, you are continuing to grow at a perfect rate! Mommy's belly is measuring just the way it should and my weight gain looks great! (Thanks for making me one of those "all belly" mommies and not fattening me up too much :P ) The nurse was amazed at how much you move around and laughed at how hard you were kicking the heart rate monitor when she was searching for your heart beat!

Your kicks and punches are absolutely amazing and you have such strong force that Daddy literally screams when he feels you! I joked that there must be two of you because sometimes when you really get going I feel you in all different parts of my belly and it doesn't even make sense that you could be all those places at once!!

I bought your crib and your changing table- a combo pack- and we finally set them up in your room! Daddy tells me we need to wait for your baby shower (a special day where everyone gathers to celebrate you!!) before we buy anything else, but I'm having a hard time!! I just love setting things up in your room and am so excited to have everything we need/want for you! I haven't made any big purchases since then... hopefully I can hold off :)

Since I last wrote I had to take the Glucose Test- which seems to be many mommies' least favorite part of pregnancy- it consists of drinking a horribly nasty drink, then one hour later having a blood test. I picked the Fruit Punch drink as that is what the ladies at the Dr.s' office suggested... it wasn't as bad as people have made it out to be, but it wasn't too bad. Unfortunately I failed the test by 6 points and now get to take the Fasting 3 Hour (Apparently Much Yuckier) Test next Friday :P ... hopefully everything goes well with that and we have nothing to worry about!

Also, since we are so far along into the pregnancy (either 30 or 31 weeks based on the different estimated due dates) we are now at our every 2 week Dr. visits, so we get to check up on you and listen to your heart beat every 2 weeks now! :) <3

Keep Growing Strong Baby Kate! Mommy loves feeling you!

<3 Can't wait to hear you tomorrow!


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