Monday, January 14, 2013

Tying Up Loose Ends

Well Ms. Kate,

We are getting closer and closer to the end! Only 5 or 6 more weeks! Mommy and Daddy are SO very excited to meet you!

This past weekend we picked out the outfit that you will come home in. This was the first thing that Mommy has let Daddy do all on his own- and he did a pretty good job too :) Daddy was so excited to pick out the sweet little dress and is so proud of what he found for you to wear! It is amazing to realize how much I love him, by seeing how much he loves you!

We still need to pick out a cute bow and some tiny little shoes for you! You will be absolutely stunning!

Mommy has been in a list-making, house-cleaning mood and is so excited to have everything ready for when you get here!
This weekend we have a Baby Shower for you in VA, then in a few weekends we will have our Shower here is PA. After the Showers are all done with Mommy and Daddy can go out and complete our lists to make sure we have everything we need for you, then comes the unpacking and setting everything up.

You are moving more and more and seem to get the hiccups every day... usually at least twice. I am really going to miss feeling you wiggle around, but cannot wait to see you outside! Mommy has been getting a lot of heartburn throughout the past couple weeks, according to all the wives' tales, you now have a chance at having some hair :P I must say, aside from a few aches and pains you have made this pregnancy pretty easy on me (much appreciated)! It's getting harder to sleep through the nights, my back has been bothering me a lot- but otherwise, not bad :)

We have a Dr's appointment later this week! We can't wait to hear your heartbeat and see how much you've grown!

Love you Sweet Girl!


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