Monday, July 30, 2012

Peeking at Our Present :)

To My Precious Little One :)

Today we got to go to our first ultrasound and it was amazing! I wasn't quite sure what to expect- all of the books say you have teeny fingers and toes and that you are just about an inch long! Your tiny little features are beginning to form and I had no idea what all we would actually be able to see.

I had quite the experience getting to the appointment- you see, this early on in the pregnancy they want me to arrive at the appointment with a full bladder (that makes it easier to find where you are). I followed the directions on how much water to drink which wasn't easy considering water is one of the things that makes me a little nauseous right now (I guess you don't like it very much). Apparently I managed to over-do it on the water and ended up pulling a muscle in my back; it hurt to sit, stand, lay down, and walking seemed like it might make me pass out. I thought my kidney was exploding from drinking so much! I was actually in so much pain that I considered cancelling my appointment to see see you to go to the Emergency Room. (that obviously didn't happen- I couldn't pass up the opportunity!)

We got to the office and I squirmed in my seat trying to nurse my backache until they finally called us back. I don't think I've ever been so excited! The nurse pulled out her tools put the cold gel on my tummy and began searching for you. Within seconds your little profile was on the screen. We saw the little flicker of your heart beating and my eyes instantly started to water! You had a high (but normal) heart rate of 183 bpm. The doctor let me use the bathroom- which helped take a lot of the muscle pain away - then tried another ultrasound. There you were again, but so much more clear! You kicked around and moved your little arms all around. We got a couple pictures where it looked like you were crying because you kept pulling your tiny arms to your face.

Before we left, the doctor gave us a few pictures for us to take home and show off- we think you looked a little bit like a gummy bear :)

Love you so much already!


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